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The source for Howard miller grandfather clocks, ridgeway grandfather clocks, antique grandfather and discount longcase collectable clocks. This antique clocks dealer company was founded by individuals with a passion for collecting timepieces
Allan Smith Antique Clocks

Allan Smith Antique Clocks - Antique Moonphase Longcase Clocks, Antique Bracket and Dial Clocks, Grandfather clocks. Swindon Wiltshire UK.
Antique Grandfather Clocks

John Shone is fully qualified in dealing with and valuing antique grandfather clocks and have long been involved with and have a passion for antique grandfather clocks
Charles Edwin Inc.

Based on Vancouver, Canada, this antique clocks dealer site specializes in longcase or grandfather clocks, bracket clocks, wall clocks, and often have mantel and tower clocks.

Resources and links of granfather clock dealers websites. Horological pages that deals on trusted and authorized sellers of tallcase clocks. This page also provides a list of trusted and reputable online old, vintage, modern, and antique grandfather clock sellers. A comprehensive listing of sites on grandmother clocks, granddaughter clocks, and long case clocks for sale.

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