Antique clock stores

Classic antique clocks

Offer you the best conditioned mechanical clocks available whether new, vintage, or antique at the best prices anywhere.

Offers a large selection of antique and vintage clocks, dating from the mid 1700's through the 1930's. Ours is a full service clock shop specializing in sales, repairs, and total restorations.
David Gibson

a family run firm of specialist antique clock and watch dealers (longcase/grandfather/tallcase clocks, bracket clocks, pocket watches). They have been established for over 40 years
Pendulantic Clocks

A Swiss antique wall clocks dealer that focuses on antique wall clocks like collectors clocks of any kind. This site is recommended if you need a clockmaker to estimate, or to buy or have restored an old clock.

This page provides a thorough listing of trusted antique clock stores. A comprehensive directory of clock shops and vintage clock dealers. Find reputable vintage clock dealers of longcase clocks, mantel clocks, 400-day clocks, cuckoo clocks, nautical clocks and other old clocks for sale.

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