Wooden clock makers

Beacham's Clock Company

At Beacham's Clock Company of Wooden clockmakers. They sell antique clocks, new clocks, wood gear collectable clocks and also accepts repair, manufacturing, tower and clock restoration.
Brian Law’s wooden clocks

Specilaized in creating wood gear collectable clocks, this wood clockmakers site is giving free plans to help you build a wooden clocks. The plans on this site are those of clocks designed by Brian Law over the last few years.
Clayton Boyer's Clocks

One of the finest wooden clockmakers in Hawaii, USA. An Expert in making woode gear collectable clocks. His works include the laminator clock, paisley clock, number six clock, Kauai time clock using local Koa and lava river stones
Michael Schad

US-based website of an anniversary clockmaker, and creator of collectable clocks like 400 day, and musical boxes.According to website owner Michael Schad
Wooden Gear Clocks

Wooden-Gear-Clocks is a family owned and operated by Jeff and Marcie Schierenbeck, they are wooden clockmakers based in Eau Claire, Wisonsin. They have been selling wooden clocks, clock kits, and clock plans since 2003.

The most complete list of wooden clockmakers. A comprehensive directory of the world's most celebrated woodgear clock making companies and clock manufacturers. We provide a chief selection of wood clock manufacturing companies along with its site, location, related links and other considerable details to wooden clock maker co. Find in this page websites of trusted wooden gears clock factories and wood clock making corporations.

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