Clock manufacturers

Andrew Vorontsov

Official website of a Russian vintage clockmakers and antique collectable clocks dealer. He took orders from customers to make a skeletonized watch or clock in my original style.
Arcadian Clock Co.

Clock company of vintage and antique timepieces. Their clocks derive from the tradition of French precision horology of the 18th and 19th centuries. Inspired by the work of the master horologists
Edwars H. Stone Clockmaker

Official website of expert clockmaker and clock dealer Edwars H. Stone. The works of this American horologist have been exhibited at the The White House and The Maryland Historical Society.
Howard Miller

Website of one of the largest clock manufacturing company in the US. With them are large selections of collectable clocks, decorative clocks and antique clocks.
James Lea Clocks

Website of American expert clockmaker, clock repairer and restoration horologist. Also skilled in reproducing high-quality wall clocks, grandfather clocks, shelf, and other antique collectable clocks.
Riversdale Clocks

Riversdale Clocks is among the leading clock making company that produces the finest bespoke longcase clocks. They are chief antique clockmakers of fine high quality clock cases.
The St.Petersburg Centre of Watch & Clock Restoration

Konstantin Chaykin company, the only vintage clockmaker of collectable clocks in Russia whose activity is associated with top class antique clock for the construction and creation of world-class mechanical clocks.


Antique clocks collecting directory at 2 CLICKS, the world's most complete directory for antique clock collectors. We categorized this page according to antique clockmakers, old clock manufacturers, vintage clock companies. This page will help clock collectors and buyers as we feature clock co. and dealers of antique clock repair, clock parts for sale by country.

Also included are sites of reputable horological communities and societies. References on clock price and value guide. 2-clicks clock articles page features loads of information about antique clocks collecting for your convenience. We selected the most relevant informative sites and list them by category. Our ambition is to give you comprehensive antique clocks information. Find in this page trusted links to clock factories and clockmaking corporations of high quality old, antique and vintage clocks.

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