Where to buy mantel clocks

A comprehensive guide on how and where to buy mantle clocks

Planning to buy a mantel clock? Do you want to know the best places and venues to acquire them?

Follow these tips on where and how you can efficiently acquire a mantel clock.

Where to buy mantel clocks?

Mantle clocks are trusted time tellers and are highly ornate and decorative items. Such factors contribute to its high price and value, especially the old and antique mantel clocks.

Where you purchase your mantel clock is a prime concern once you decide to buy one.

Shelf mantle clocks can be found and bought in a number of places such as the mall, specialty stores, general antique shops, and clock auctions.

These venues offer high quality mantle clocks. However, most of them showcase shelf clocks in limited numbers. You cannot expect to select from a wide range and there is a lesser chance of finding a great deal.

Other venues to buy mantel clocks include flea markets, garage sales, clock fairs, and second hand shops. You can also find mantle clocks posted in your newspaper classified ads.

An edge about buying in these venues is that you can personally check the mantle clock for yourself.

Buying mantle clocks online

The advent of the internet has allowed an easier approach to collecting and buying mantle clocks.

Online mantle clock stores, shops, and online clock auctions give you an array of shelf clocks. The wide selection allows you to choose your preferred mantle clock that is within your budget.

• Online clock classified ads

Look for mantle clocks on online classified ads. These ads are mostly posted by expert horologists and trusted mantle clock dealers and sellers.

Online clock classified ads are home to various mantel clocks (with different materials and styles) and other antique and modern timepieces.

They are usually presented with images on different angles giving you a clear view of the mantle clock. A thorough description of the timepiece is also provided.

Our antique clock classified ads hold a competent list of mantle clocks and other antique clocks for sale. It ensures a wide variety of collectible mantel clocks to choose from.

Tips on buying mantel clocks

As mentioned, mantle clocks are expensive items. Acquiring one requires the buyer’s knowledge on how he/she can make a tactful purchase.

Below is a comprehensive guide and tips on how to carefully and wisely acquire your mantel clock.

• Type of mantel clock

Among the various selections of mantel clocks designs, decide on one that is most likely what you want to acquire.

Go thru the different materials and asses if they reflect quality, durability, and superb time telling performance.

• Refer to a trusted mantle clock price and value guide

Look for a reliable price guide so you have an idea as to how much this timepiece is actually worth. Check eBay and other trusted online clock shops and auctions for the price of a similar mantel clock you would like to acquire.

• Buy from reputable clock dealer / seller

Check the seller’s credentials. Make sure he/she presents necessary warrantees and guarantees; sales tax, insurance, shipping expenses, and other fees.

Once agreed upon, have these documents written. This is to assure you that you are purchasing a novel and well-working mantle clock.

• Inquire on the clock dealer / seller of the following:

Working condition of the mantel clock – is the clock functioning well? Does it have existing and unsolved mechanical problems?

Mantle clock maker – bear in mind that there are numerous antique and modern mantel clockmakers, among them, Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Seth Thomas, Hermle, and Bulova are the leading manufacturers that produce mantel clocks with the utmost quality.

Mantle clock history – learn of its age, historical background, past significant owners such as celebrities and political figures as this contributes to the value of a mantle clock.

Mantel clock repair and restoration – do not hesitate to inquire if it has undergone any repair, restoration, and other related clock service, if so:

- Who performed the mantel clock repair?

- Has the clock been restored to its best running condition?

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