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antique clock collecting guideAntique clock information old clock info & guide for clock aficionados & collectors, antique clocks identification & value, guide in selling or buying antique clocks. Learn the different types of vintage clocks: atmos clocks, cuckoo clocks, alarm, retro & nautical clocks.

Antique wall clock information guide in identifying old wall clocks, learn the different types of wall clock, like grandfather wall clock, patriotic, unique & rustic wall clocks.

Antique mantel clocks guide in identifying the different types of mantle clocks, where to buy mantel clocks, what are the different mantel clock designs & clockmakers, learn the basic maintenance & care for mantel clocks.

Grandfather clocks information guide & answers to frequently asked questions about grandfather clocks. Longcase clock identification tips, what are the reputable clockmakers, how to determine the value of my grandfather clocks. info about kits & repair.

Anniversary clocks info learn what is an anniversary clock & how to buy a 400 day clock, find out how to determine the value of anniversary clock, basic knowledge on 400 day clock repair.

Antique clocks by country collecting old clocks by country, antique American clocks & old world clocks articles in identifying the different style, designs of US & foreign clocks.

Antique clock value, find out how much worth your old clock, learn how to self appraise, find the grade & condition, what are the rarest & most valuable antique clocks in the world.

Latest articles

Antique German clocks

Are you interested in buying an antique German clock? Are you the owner of an old Deutsche clock and wants to learn more about this classic timepiece?

Antique French clocks

Learn about French clocks, the most elegantly designed time tellers. Read on as we provide all necessary info on French antique clocks.

British antique clocks

The British antique clock’s reputation found its roots in the clock making skills of the early English clockmakers at the end of the 16th century.

Antique American clocks identification

Antique American clocks are one of the most interesting and widely diverse collectibles that you can find today.

Antique clocks directory

Antique clock makers, looking for a vintage clock or antique-like clocks, you will find in this section a list of reputable clockmakers of vintage clocks, cuckoo clocks, wooden & anniversary clocks.

Antique clocks dealers, you want to sell your old clocks or buy a real antique clock, in this category are listed antique clock dealer websites, whether they sell all kinds of retro or antique clocks or specialized in dealing grandfather clocks, old wall clocks, collectible mantel clocks, cuckoo, nautical & wooden clocks.

Antique clock auctions, for those who want to buy an old clock in auction, we have listed for you a clock auction websites online & reputabble clock auction houses over the world.

Antique clock repair, your retro clock is damage and you want it to be fixed by an expert or buy some collectible clocks tools to repair it yourself, we have listed websites of horologists specialized in antique clocks restoration & companies selling clock repair kits & tools.

Clock parts need to buy parts for your old clock, you will find in this section clock parts dealers & clock kits.

Antique clocks prices need to buy parts for your old clock, you will find in this section clock parts dealers & clock kits.

Antique clocks books, a section where you can find websites selling antique clock books and books related to clock parts & horology.

Clock magazines, find in this section some of the prominent clock magazines online & horological publication.

Clock community sites, here are listed clock forums for clock collectors & enthusiasts & some sites where clock collectors can trade & exchange antique collectible clocks.

Clock collectors websites, this section is devoted for old clock lovers who are collectors or want to start an antique clock collection. You will find there an aphabetical directory of clock collectors, a list of clock collectors categorized by country & clock collectors associations, clubs & societies.

Antique American clocks, all about old US clocks, American clockmakers, dealers grandfather, wall and mantel clocks, clock repair and restoration in the United States.

Antique British clocks, complete resources about old English clocks, British vintage clockmakers and dealers, auctions, restoration and parts, books, magazines, horological museums in Great Britain, etc..

Antique Canadian clocks, links to websites devoted to old Canadian clocks, dealers, makers, clock repair in Canada.

Antique European clocks, complete directory for old world clocks, vintage clocks from Europe, Austrian, Belgian, French antique clocks and more..

Antique Asian clocks, resources of horological Asian sites devoted to Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Russian, old and vintage clocks.

Antique Australian clocks, links to antique and vintage timepieces in Australia, Australian antique clock dealers and clock parts manufacturers, etc..

Antique South African clocks, directory of South African horological related websites, old clock dealers, etc..

Antique clocks resources, info about the most important clock museums in the world, websites of clock shows, fair & exhibits, directory of main collectible clocks directories online.

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Antique, vintage & modern clocks and pocket watches

These forums provide a place for open discussion of values of particular watches or clocks.

Singular, idiosyncratic and mysterious, Black Clock is one of America’s leading literary journals.

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